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Map of ross-border students collaboration environmental projects

Collaborations across borders

The map shows realized and ongoing collaborations. Already completed and published contributions were carried out between: Ready to start (09/19) are projects between different cities in India, South Africa, Belgium and Switzerland and in the near future Ethiopia's city Addis Ababa will hopefully join in.

The projects are part of our new etablished "THE ! association" – The Horse Education association.

Some facts: Since 2016 (to 09/2019) in total more than 90 published team contributions on originated under The Horse Concept. About 270 students published their projects, including 9 teachers, 8 experts & scientists and a range of expert comments were given. Additionally, more than 230 students used the non-puplic part of The Horse for working togheter. In March/19 we had 3'861 visitors and 31'318 page views on!

The Horse projects

Below is a selection of already realized collaboration projects with different countries. An additional overview of the projects since 2016 is located at The Horse Education since 2016
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befter 2018/2019

«before and after the experience»
Students from Antwerp, Belgium and Zurich, Switzerland carried out projects using the befter method. There are several steps to go through: imagination, research, team discussion, performing the experience, self-reflection, publishing, propagation on social media, asking for experts' feedback & getting comments. 
More about the befter concept
befter Teams 2018 - Zurich
befter Teams 2019 - Antwerp (Belgium) & Zurich
Realized befter projects

Scenarios Z.B. 2018

Scenarios Z.B. - Z.urich B.erlin
Students from Zurich/Wetzikon (Switzerland) and metallography students from Berlin (Germany) created contributions in collaboration. There was even space for imagination in the fashion of some crazy ideas and strange stories.
About Z.B.
Teams Berlin & Zurich
Z.B. projects

ZürIzmir 2017/18

Zürich & Izmir (Turkey) - ZürIzmir
Comparing environmental topics across languages & across cultures: The students’ internationally mixed research teams tried to create a relationship to their own local environment or to the place where they live in.
About the ZurIzmir projects
Topics' pick list
Teams Izmir & Zurich
ZürIzmir projects

w2w 2016/17

w2w – from where to where
Students’ research teams discover the life cycle of every-day things as far and as intensely as possible in the given time. For the first time social media channels ( Instagram, FB and Twitter) had been used for propagating the contributions.
About the w2w projects
Teams of w2w
w2w projects

Energy 2015/16

The Horse concept is born! The students’ answers to their own renewable energy questions got published on the new students’ project website
About the birth of The Horse Concept
The Energy Teams Zurich/Wetzikon
Energy projects


FreeChos – Freely chosen topics
Room for self- and team engagement – there is the possibility to do a self-chosen and practice-oriented project coached by professionals.
All FreeChos


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